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greenfully designed, consciously made

precious formulas,

North San Diego Organic Salon Ingredient's
ORGANIC WAY is the first professional haircare line based on 0 mile biodynamic extracts, micronised plants, hydrolates and essential oils.

inspires us

As inspiration we have chosen the principles of biodynamics: from living energy, to the earth which receives it and to the beauty which expresses it.
we look for

All our lines come in pharmaceutical grade amber coloured glass bottles and jars in order to preserve intact the purity of our botanical formulas.

Color and Lightening

we believe
in the essential
we choose

We grow and directly distil the medicinal plants from which we obtain the precious essential oils that become our active ingredients and our 100% natural perfumes.

We formulate very high concentrations of natural, organic and biodynamic active ingredients by careful selection.

stay free!

Free your head (from some common ideas) and the beauty products you choose (from some toxic components for you and the environment).

our commitment 
to fair trade

Perhaps we cannot change the world but we can certainly improve it! We have chosen to make informed and ethical purchases.

Color and Lightening

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